Instant Pot Recipes

Here's a list of Instant Pot recipes that I found from the Internet
Tested and Approved :)

Cooked Beans Blend
I used my 6 liter Instant Pot to cook my heirloom bean blend. I rinsed the beans a few times and soaked them in water twice the volume of the beans overnight. The beans expanded. I drained them and then added in the Instant Pot. I added a roughly chopped medium size onion and two dried bay leaves. I filled  water until it reached a couple of inches above the top of beans. I splashed in a tablespoon of olive oil since I read somewhere it would reduce foaming. I made sure the beans mixture did not exceed half of the volume of my Instant Pot. I then shut the lid, turned the knob to "Sealing", selected "Manual" and dialed in 45 minutes. When the cooking was done, I made sure it cooled down normally and not quick release mode.