Rochester, NY

I moved to Rochester, NY at the start of my first big career. Rochester is located at the south tip of Lake Ontario and is the third most populous city after NYC and Buffalo. Living in Rochester is pretty OK- there are many things to do to keep oneself occupied such as skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and camping, hiking, volleyball, tennis and various water sports when the weather turns warmer. In this entry, I'll focus on some of my friends and my favorite food, restaurants and places to eat. Although Rochester is not as popular as other bigger cities in the US, I'm pretty surprised to find a variety of cuisines available for a foodie. (However, there's no Malaysian or Indonesian restaurant here!) If you have anything to share, don't hesitate to leave a note!  
Juddy and I took a break from a hike at Letchworth State Park
Lena, Marina and I posed in front of a lilac bush during the Lilac Festival
Charlie Brown's for breakfast
Dinosaur BBQ for BBQ meals
Jeremian's Tavern for chicken wings
Jines for brunch
Lindburgers for Angus beef burgers
Nick Tahou Hots for garbage plate
Pontillo's Pizza  for bomb pizza
Rhino's Pizzeria and Deli
Sticky Lips for BBQ ribs, pulled pork, Cajun corn, sweet potato fries, grilled chicken, etc
Woodcliff Hotel and Spa for Sunday brunch and hill-top view of Rochester
Cantonese House for dim sum
Chinese Hometown Restaurant for Szechuan dishes
Korean House Sodam
Plum Garden for Japanese food
SEA Restaurant for pho
Youngs Korean
Ice Cream:
Mona Lisa for gelato

Caribbean and Latin American:
El Taino for Puerto Rican food
Juan and Maria's Empanada stop
Maria's Mexican Restaurant
Monte Alban Mexican Grill
Punta Cana for Dominican Republic food
Sinful desserts:
Cheesy Eddie's for delicious carrot cake
Simply Crepes for sweet and savory crepes

Margarita and a sizzling hot skillet of steak fajita at Monte Alban Mexican Grill
Coffee and Atmosphere:
Old Toad, a British pub
Tap and Mallet for a selection of beers
Wegmans at Pittsford Plaza
Greek Festival for Greek food, desserts and music
Jazz Festival for music and Creole food
Lilac Festival Snack on sweet kettle corn pop corn! 

BBQ dinners at Sticky Lips

Date: 7/27/10