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WHAt's new?

A few months ago, there was a forced transition from my previous website host provider to Google sites. This transition has impacted the layout and design of my earlier posts. The good news is the contents for the earlier posts remain the same.

I'm slowly going through my website and cleaning up the affected layouts and designs, while juggling with a full time job and daily life :P

Please be patient. If you have a suggestion or feedback, do drop a note here.


The Unofficial Food Guide website was commenced from my deep passion and quest for knowledge of good and healthy food. It is also a quick way to share my many adventures to my family and friends scattered around the world.

Food should be enjoyed by many moderately but passionately. Food should be understood as it can nourish our mind, body and soul. I am by no means an expert in food science, but simply a self-proclaimed food connoisseur and student.

Please take some time to visit my website. If you like it, I would love to hear from you. Thanks and

Mari Makan!

Bon Appetit!

慢慢吃 (Mànmàn chī!)

Come back again for almost daily updates and entries on food from my travels.

The Recipe for Friendship*

2 heaping cups of patience

2 handfuls of generosity

1 heart of love

A dash of laughter

2 well-rounded scoops of respect

2 heaping measures of trust

1 head of understanding

Sprinkle generously with kindness

Add plenty of faith and mix well

Spread over a lifetime and serve everyone you meet!

*Poem from The Potluck Club Cookbook

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