Thanksgiving Stuffed Turkey Recipe

Thanksgiving dinner won't be the same if there's no turkey. I've eaten turkey cooked in numerous techniques- baked, grilled, roasted and deep fried. But I've only helped to make one using the baking method. It's an arduous process. If done correctly, patiently and lovingly, the result would be awesome. If done incorrectly, the result could be a real party pooper.

We used a poultry brine recipe to add extra flavors in the turkey. It really made the difference. It took us approximately 30 mins to prep and cook the brine ingredients and another 1 hour per pound of turkey to refrigerate and brine the turkey.

We used Mom's Roast Turkey recipe to stuff and bake a 15-lbs turkey. Prep time was approximately 5 hours. Both recipes were tested and worked!

Feel free to be creative with the seasonings and stuffing.

Since we usually get at least a foot of snow during the day before Thanksgiving, we "refrigerate" the brining turkey by letting it cool in the cold garage or bury the bucket in the snow. This saves fridge space for other Thanksgiving dishes. Keep an eye on the turkey in the event that the temperature becomes too cold or too warm.

Baked stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving