Easy Claypot Green Curry Dungeness Crab

I was craving for crab and went hunting for one. I found the last Dungeness crab in the tank at the Lion City supermarket and immediately purchased it. The guy behind the seafood counter cleaned and chopped the slightly 1-lb creature to four pieces. I went home and decided to cook it in my single-serving claypot. Not because I wanted it to be fancy but because I ran out of cleaned cookware LOL!

I was too lazy to whip up curry paste from scratch and dug out the leftover green curry paste in my fridge. Whipped the ingredients together and voila! Enjoy my easy and yummy crab recipe!

Ingredients (Yields 1 serving):

1-lb fresh Dungeness crab, 1 tbs green curry paste and filtered water

Cookware: single-serving claypot with lid


1. Wet the inside of the claypot. Add a tablespoon of filtered water and warm the claypot over low heat

2. Clean any guts and remove gills. Scrub the shell clean

3. Heat green curry paste in the claypot over low heat and another tablespoon of water. Mix until fragrant

4. Add crab pieces and place shell over them. Fill water until it reaches to 1/4 of the claypot. Cover with lid and cook over medium heat

5. Stir the crab occasionally so all the pieces are evenly cooked and covered with green curry. This process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Cook until the shell turns deep orange and flesh turns opaque

6. Serve with rice and enjoy the succulent crab!