Our Swiss itinerary

My sister and I visited Switzerland in the summer of 2008. Part of the Swiss charm is the beautiful landscape. I couldn't help but feel uplifted when I saw the majectic mountain tops. I was pleasantly surprised to see cows munching green grass by the hilltops. It's no wonder the Swiss cheese and dairy products tasted better there.

The cities were mingled with rich cultural history and modernity. We explored ancient castles and museums. We walked on cobbled roads worn out by age and use, and sat by clean, clear rivers and lakes. We rode fast intercity trains that weaved through the valleys and tunnels.

My sister and I sampled classic Swiss foods and they tasted fresh and delicious. Freshly baked breads, cheeses and meats became our staple meal during the entire visit. It was truly a great trip.

Freshly baked goods from a local bakery

Dipping a bread chunk into cheese and mushroom fondue

Date: 7/8/10

Flowers fashioned in the shape of a soccer ball. Switzerland was co-hosting the Euro Cup that year

Fine view of Lausanne city and Lake Geneva from Switzerland's finest gothic building, Lausanne Cathedral