Innovations & DIY Projects

Here are links to interesting innovations in the food industry:

1. Get honey from your own beehive without disturbing the bees!

I'm always looking for economical ways to do things by myself without burning a hole in my not-so-deep pockets. If I can get by with minimal aesthetics but maximum functionality, I'm all for it.

The Internet is a great, quick resource to find ways to work on things around the house, on your car, in your garden, etc. Stores like Home Depot, Lowes and even your local grocery and departmental stores carry stuff you can purchase to start your very own do-it-yourself projects.

So, if you have something to fix or need to do or simply play around with but do not have enough money to pay someone to do it, stop for a bit, think about how you can do it by yourself (it's OK to seek help!), plan and start cracking your fingers and work on it! At the end of your DIY project, you would be extremely pleased with yourself because you did it all by yourself!

PS: Always keep safety a #1 priority. Plan ahead what you want to do. Read instructions carefully before operating machinery or power tools. Wear protective gear when working with power tools or in the garden. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Sad story #1: My coworker broke his jaw in 4 different places when he was cutting a 2x4 block of wood with his table saw. It was a freak accident. Thankfully, he survived from his injuries!

Sad story #2: I have a bad habit of being impatient. Because of that, I've gotten battle scars (scratches) for not wearing gloves and using a ladder when picking up branches and plucking lemons on two separate occasions.

My dream is to own a home that is sustainable and contribute back to the community. This video is inspiring.


99 ways to make our lives easier

Bamboo treatment

Build a fenced garden patch

Build your own compost container and compost heap

Care for your cast iron cookware

Dye hair with natural henna

Grow an upside-down tomato plant

Grow your plants creatively

Prepare jars for home made jams, pickles, etc

Remove rust from steel objects using washing soda and electrolysis

Saving seeds

NON-DYI Projects but equally relevant and vital:

Article on when and why spark plugs in cars should be replaced


PBS The Victory Garden website on gardening


Sewing tips

Stay tuned for more interesting stuff!