Bringing Homemade Meals and Snacks On Board

I am beginning to dislike aircraft and airport food. The usual McDonald's, Sbarro, Panda Express, etc food is so unattractive that it often stomps away any appetite I have. When I travel these days, I always pack my own snacks and meals and carry an empty water bottle to fill up. I wish I can carry my own hot beverages. Packing one's own snacks and meals is a great alternative to purchasing expensive food in the airport and aircraft. Here's my typical food accompaniments:

- whole wheat bun stuffed with roasted vegetables and hot cappocollo, and pesto and hummus spread

- stir fried rice and noodles

- roasted nuts such as cashews, almonds and walnuts

- granola and dried fruits

- cake and muffins

- chocolates and sweets

- cookies (I love coconut macaroons)

- instant 3 in 1 coffee and chocolate

- instant cup noodles

- towelette to wipe my hands and face

Here are more ideas for homemade meals that are excellent for traveling:




I did come across a few good airports that serve good food. You can find local cuisines that rival their competition. One can savor nasi lemak in Kuala Lumpur International airport, noodles in Taipei International airport and spicy soups in South Korea International airport to name a few. Heathrow airport serves food from around the world and is definitely better than the sad looking dishes available in most American airports.

Modified on 8/7/12