Grilled Sandwich Recipe

The best way to grill a grilled sandwich is using a cast iron pie iron. It's a great way to toast the bread and keep the melting cheese and sandwich contents intact without spilling out.


2 bread slices, your favorite cheese, your favorite deli meats, butter and freshly picked basil leaves


1. Heat cast iron pie iron over medium heat. Carefully heat both sides

2. Prepare your sandwich by buttering the insides of the bread slices

3. Layer the deli meat, cheese and basil leaves on the buttered side. Place the other slice of bread, butter side faces inside

4. Butter the outsides of the sandwich

5. Carefully open the pie iron and spray PAM oil

6. Carefully place the sandwich in the pie iron and close the pie iron. Place it over medium heat. Cook each side for 2 minutes or until the sandwich is toasty brown and the cheese has melted

7. Gently remove the sandwich (pie iron can be really hot!) and serve with your favorite tomato soup!

(Top to bottom) Sandwich in the pie iron and yummy grilled sandwich, ready to be eaten!