Crusts Recipes

I sincerely believe making any kind of crust is an art. I don't have a great track record of making the perfect crust. That's why I opt to buy ready-made frozen pie crusts from the stores. However, I'm always on the lookout for good crusts recipes. Here're a collection that I've gathered over time. Enjoy!

1) Flaky Pie Crust


(Inspired by Down-Island Caribbean Cookery)

1 cup all-purpose flour, 0.25 tsp salt, 0.5 tsp baking powder, 2 tsp sugar, 0.125 tsp freshly grated nutmeg, 4 tbs butter, 1 tbs solid shortening, 0.5 tsp vanilla extract, 1.5 tbs cold water + extra 1 to 2 tsp


1. Sift dry ingredients in a large bowl

2. Cut in butter and shortening

3. Mix vanilla extract with water and slowly add to the flour mixture, stirring with a fork. Add more water, if needed, to hold dough together

4. Roll out dough between sheets of floured wax paper

5. Line 9 inch pie pan with dough. Flute the shell's edge with fingers to form an upstanding ridge

6. Bake in preheated oven per pie or tart recipe

2) Crust for Egg Tarts (Need improvement)


Ingredients and Procedures:

80g of butter cut into 2.5 cups flour and kneaded with up to 2/3 cup water to a pliable consistency

3) Perfect Pie Crust

(From Barefoot Contessa)

4) Foolproof Pie Dough

(From America's Test Kitchen- requires registration)

5) Martha Stewart's Making Pie Crusts