Caribbean Desserts and Beverages

Can't tell which are true Caribbean desserts or not when you ponder the dessert menu? Want to add some tropical feel to your next party? Then, check out Caribbean inspired desserts and beverages below :)


- Tobago's black cake, a spin off of English fruit cake - St Lucia's papaya upside-down cake

- Tortola's spice cake

- Guadeloupe and Trinidad's Pain Doux (Sweet bread)

- Guadeloupe's breadfruit nut cookies (Petit pains de châtaignes)

- St Martin's coconut drop cookies

- Sint Maarten's spice cookies (speckulaas)

- St Lucia and Barbados' coconut macaroons

- Puerto Rico's guava paste turnovers (empanadas)

- Mango fritters

- Sint Maarten's brown sugar pie

- Guadeloupe's coconut custard pastry strip

- Jamaica's green mango tart

- St Thomas' key lime pie

- Pineapple mango tart

- Martinique's pineapple pastry strip

- Guadeloupe's tourment d'amour tart

- Sint Maarten's coconut ice cream

- Martinique's glace norvégienne

- Jamaica's mango ice cream

- St Lucia's piña colada ice cream

- Jamaica's mango melba

- Martinique's rum raisin ice cream

- Tobago's coconut flan

- Puerto Rico's coconut tembleque

- Guava sauce

- Puerto Rico's orange coconut baked custard

- Tortola's orange cream custard

- Trinidad's papaya, coconut and sweet yam pudding

- Guadeloupe's soursop mousse


- Martinique's guava sorbet

- Martinique's mango sorbet

- Guadeloupe's orange sorbet

- Martinique's pineapple sorbet


- Ginger beer

- Sorrel drink and

- Assortments and mixed drinks (first fill glass with ice cubes, then add main ingredients as well as rum if you wish, top off with water, club soda or tonic and stir) such as

--Mauby and lime or lemon

--Mauby and ginger beer

--Mauby and coffee

--Coffee and coconut

--Mango and pineapple with or without rum

--Ginger beer and rum

--Ginger beer and banana nectar

--Guava juice and ginger beer

--Guanabana and pineapple juice

--Tamarind and orange juice

--Tamarind and lemon or lime

--Banana and apricot nectar

--Passion fruit and mango juice

--Passion fruit and banana nectar

--Tamarind and rum

--Tamarind and ginger concentrate


--Rum sour

--Planter's punch

--Rum punch

--Piña colada

--Daiquiri cocktails

Visit my Caribbean Cupboard entry for typical ingredients and equipment you can find in an Caribbean kitchen.

Date: 11/21/2010


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