Superfoods provide significant levels of nutrients, which are compounds that we need to grow and maintain our bodies and can obtain from food, in a reasonable number of calories. According to T. Reinhard's guide entitled "Superfoods The healthiest foods on the planet", I'm glad to learn Malaysian and Chinese diets comprise many of the superfoods found in the world. The following is a subset of superfoods found in most Asian diets: fish, crustacean, shellfish, soy milk, egg, lean meats, leafy greens, beans, eggplant, bell pepper, chili pepper, garlic, onion, pumpkin, jicama, nori, mushrooms, fruits, barley, brown rice, wild rice, corn, nuts, tea and coffee.

Nevertheless, there are other superfoods that are clearly missing such as cottage and ricotta cheese, wheat germ, bran, quinoa, millet, whey protein and acai berry.